Corporate Partners

A model for long-term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Serviam offers the ideal environment in which to influence and shape Wilmington’s future workforce through meaningful engagement and support. Meet our community of active and enthusiastic female scholars of color interested in becoming the next generation of financial analysts, lawyers, health care professionals, economists, marketing specialists, artists, and entrepreneurs.  Get involved:

  • Volunteer in a one-to-one mentor/tutor-to-student relationship with weekly or bi-weekly meetings to offer support, encouragement, guidance, and educational assistance as needed and guided by Serviam staff;
  • Collaborate with Serviam faculty/staff utilizing your professional expertise to guide and support Serviam’s marketing, branding, campaign development, financial planning, videography, graphic design, etc. efforts; 
  • Advance excellence and diversity in the future workforce by assisting in the creation of  intentional immersive experiences that facilitate engagement among  your employees and our students.
  • Provide financial support; as a 98% donor supported school with no hard income, Serviam is deeply grateful for financial assistance, including: 
    • Corporate sponsorship through our Light the Way Campaign (details below)
    • Event sponsorship
    • Hosting your own events.

“The graduates of Serviam Girls Academy are poised for success to become leaders in the workforce of the future. I encourage our corporate neighbors to consider joining us in supporting our next generation of women leaders by making a donation and/or volunteering with Serviam Girls Academy.”

Jim Roszkowski, President, Discover Bank

Community Sponsors

Partner with Serviam

Direct email inquiries to Cindy Olsavsky or call her at 302-651-9700 x314