Ongoing Needs:

Sponsor a Student for a Year$10,000
Sponsor a Student for a Semester$5,000
Sponsor a Teacher for a Week$1,125
Field Trip Fund (To support transportation and admissions costs)Give at your discretion
Department Fund (STEM, Humanities, P.E./Health, Grad Support, Enrichment)Give at your discretion

Classroom Specific Needs:

Expo Markers & Erasers$200
Subscription to Junior Scholastic Magazine: 6th, 7th, & 8th grades$500
Subscription to Scholastic Magazine - Storyworks: 5th grade$110
Subscrption to Scholastic Science Magazine - Super Science: 5th & 6th grades$135
Subscription to Scholastic Science Magazine - Science World: 7th & 8th grades  $165
Five Document Cameras ($100 each)$500
Staple Gift Cards for Classroom Supplies$100

School Wide Needs:

Wifi Upgrade to Meet Increased Technological Demands$1,000
SMART Board Service and Repairs$500/board
SMART Board Speaker$250
Foreign Language Enrichment Program$1,000/semester
Garden Program: supplies & support$1,500
Commercial Vacuum$300